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Sign Up for courses!

Learn to dance at Fever Dance Oslo-come and tryout for yourself.



Dance classes at Fever Dance Oslo it´ są unique offer for everyone. Come and check our schedule and choose and course for yourself. 


Sign Up! – means that the course haven´t started and you can still book your spot at the course.

Beg – level beginner 0-6 months

Inter– level intermediate 6-18 months of dancing

Adv– level advanced 2-4 years of dancing

Open – level open (you can join on any level and at any moment , the course is adjusted according to the level of the group).


Payments for classes need to be done before you come to our studio via our IDS CLIENT APP. Please send Us a emial if you need help :



RED - your can sign up, course didn't start yet

ORANGE - course started, you still can sign up!

GREY - course started, call/write to us to see if there are still spots.

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